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“A Decision Support Tool for Multi-Objective Production Scheduling and Lot-sizing”

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The public session for the CAT presentation of the PhD Thesis Report submitted by Yannik Nikolas Zeiträg, entitled “A Decision Support Tool for Multi-Objective Production Scheduling and Lot-sizing”, will take place on the 2nd of May 2022, at 2:00 pm, via Zoom > Link here

The Comittee is composed by:
Chairperson: Prof. Tânia Rute Xavier de Matos Pinto Varela (IST)
Prof. Daniel Rebelo dos Santos (IST)
Prof. Luís Gonçalo Rodrigues Reis Figueira (FEUP)
Supervisor: Prof. José Rui de Matos Figueira (IST)

In a steadily growing, globalized, and highly competitive market environment, efficient resource allocation is becoming increasingly important for manufacturing companies to keep operational costs as low as possible without jeopardizing the service level. Lot-sizing and scheduling can be classified as one of the most critical tactical and operational activities in the supply chain of manufacturing companies, with the production quantity determined and the orders sequenced in such a way as to achieve the desired performance. Typically, a large number of cost and time-related business goals are influenced by lotsizing and scheduling decisions. Therefore, a decision support tool is required that allows considering multiple objectives simultaneously and facilitates the search for the most appropriate solution. This work aims to explore different ways of interactive incorporation of the decision maker’s preferences as well as a variety of exact, approximate, and hybrid multi-objective optimization solving methods.