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Inês Carrilho Nunes

Assistant Professor

Centro de Estudos de Gestão do Instituto Superior Técnico


Inês Carrilho Nunes is a researcher at CEGIST and a Visiting Assistant Professor at the Engineering and Management Department of IST. She obtained her Ph.D. in Engineering and Management at IST in 2021 and studied Industrial Engineering and Management (M.Sc.) at IST and Management (B.Sc.) at Nova SBE. Her research interests include energy economics, innovation, sustainability transitions, inequality, and the interaction between economics, technological change, and policy.

Research Groups

SEI - Strategy, Entrepreneurship and Innovation

SEI branch conducts applied research in topics related with corporate strategy, entrepreneurship and innovation, and their relationship with industry dynamics, labour markets, and economic development.


CHARADE - Challenges for energy access in a decarbonized economy

Energy is the chief traded commodity worldwide and the meta-resource that drives all other commodities, as well as providing most of the essential goods and services. It is, therefore, an important pillar for economic and social development (Xu et al., 2022; Carrilho-Nunes, 2021). A rapid transformation of the energy system needs to take place to mitigate climate change. In line with goal 13 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), urgent action must be taken to combat climate change and its impacts.